Leo-Progress Enterprises Inc.

1101, Bay Street, Suite 2702, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2W8, Canada

Tel: (1-416) 921-0912

Fax: (1-416) 946-1775

Email: info@leo-progress.com



LEO-Progress Enterprises Inc., is a Canadian private company located in the city of Toronto, Province of Ontario, Canada and involved in international trade. The company main vocation is importing Seafood into the North American market (Canada and the US) and exporting Free Space Optical (FSO) wireless links abroad. 


The company imports fresh Seafood (wild and farm raised) and frozen Seafood from all over the world into the North American market.


The company main exports are Free Space Optical (FSO) wireless  links for transmission of voice and data using Light Emitting diodes (LED’s). Those FSO links can transport voice and data up to 155 Mb/s for a maximum distance of 2 km.


The series of FSO links offers a fast, cost effective solution for service providers to connect customers over the “last mile”. It is also the most convenient and cost effective solution for enterprise Connectivity. FSO is an attractive alternative to Radio and Microwave Frequency Solutions where Spectrum Interference and licensing problems occur (FSO links do not cause interference and do not require frequency licensing). 

The FSO  links are cheaper  than Fibre optics and cable. They are easy to install and are Class 1 (IEC Rated) Eye safe (do not harm eyes) LED technology.


The FSO Links are mainly used by GSM Cellular Operators (cellular phone companies), Internet Service providers and companies using voice over IP technology.